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Commercial Real Estate in Los Angeles

Commercial Real Estate in Los Angeles

1800 Century Park East LA – Situated within view of the Los Angeles country club, this elegant commercial center is perfectly nestled in the hustle and bustle of the Century Park East business district. Famous for its business support services and luxurious executive suites, The Plaza boasts generous commercial space leases. The real estate agents will be able to help you out with prices and accurate dimensions. This amazing corporate facility is definitely worth a look!

11400 West Olympic Boulevard LA – Located in the sought after West Los Angeles Executive Tower Center, these extensive executive suites give you access to the centers amazing facilities. These facilities include a gym, kept garden grounds with water feature and a full restaurant and café. To get a price on this corporate ideal, contact the real estate agent and they will be able to give you estimates of size and price per square foot.

11601 Wilshire Boulevard LA– The impressive Brent Centre is just north of the city’s airport. This center is located in a perfect position to access the community hubs of Beverly Hills, Bel Air and of course the iconic Santa Monica. These easily accessible executive suits are generous in floor space, and price is available upon request. The Brent Centre offers beautifully designed suites and a variety of executive packages to suit a wide variety of specifications.

10100 Santa Monica Blvd LA – This exclusive and impressive Century City structure is home to media and broadcasting giants such as 20th Century Fox, ABC and HBO so you will be in excellent company! Rental price for these executive suites is available upon request from the agent.

2029 Century Park East LA – These luxurious executive suites not only provide the occupants with an unparalleled office view of both down town Century City and the beautiful ocean off the coast of L.A., but they also offer flexible office packages to match their opulent surrounds. Located close to Beverly Hills and in prime commercial territory it’s no wonder that this is a heavily sought after location. Prices are available upon request from the real estate agent.

515 South Flower Street- The massive 51 story City National Plaza caters to a wide variety of commercial occupants and is one of the most stylish and beautifully designed sky scrapers of its kind. Boasting both above ground and subterranean levels, this giant of Los Angeles commercial real estate could be your enterprises new home! Just contact the real estate agent for lease details and price ranges.

6080 Centre Drive LA – Painstakingly planned and designed the famous Howard Hughes Centre is a hive of innovation and corporate activity. With its own infrastructure, including highway exit and entry ramps and it’s colossal scale it affords its occupants some of the best business packages in Los Angeles. Contact the real estate agency for further details including pricing and dimensions available.

1617 Cosmo Street LA – If you are looking for a more creative casual office space then Cosmo lofts has just the space you are looking for. Situated in the Hollywood district these fully equipped lofted are perfect for use as showrooms or alternate office spaces, without the enforced structure of an executive suite. The spaces are just over 800 square feet with working kitchens and bathrooms, and are available from $33.03 per square foot per year.

12400 Wilshire Blvd. LA – This incredibly well maintained 270 square foot commercial space is available from $93.11 per square foot per year. Located in the reputable Esquire Suites, these prestigious serviced executive suites are located in thriving West Los Angeles and will place your venture perfectly in the L.A. corporate environment. Esquire suites make it well known that they pride themselves on excellent service and professionalism. So for that extra personal touch this may be the business environment for you!

1901 Avenue of the Stars LA – The stunning glass structure of the Avenue of Stars gives touch of glamour and style to its executive spaces. Located adjacent to the Century City Shopping center and central business district this dazzling address is 19 stories high, with a postcard perfect view of the city and its surrounds. Rental prices and executive suite dimensions are available upon request from the Real estate agent.

633 West Fifth Street LA– This brilliant stone and glass architectural vision is an ideal commercial space. This is tallest building between Chicago and Hong Kong! It has fantastic executive suite packages to suite all business needs, and the building its self is an award winning design that defines the downtown skyline. Rental prices are available upon request from the real estate agent.

555 West Fifth Street LA – Another Downtown icon, the celestial Gas Tower is a prized Los Angeles landmark. Considered to be a top class commercial lease location these executive suites are perfect for making a considerable impression on clients. This decadent building has been the feature location of many blockbusters, independent films and numerous TV shows and the aesthetics alone are sure to impress, prices are of course available upon request.

12100 Wilshire Blvd LA – The Brentwood office spaces facility is another prestigious Los Angeles commercial space offering executive suites to discerning businesses. Its stand out advantages includes its stunning views and its world class concierge service. With business packages to suit most needs you are bound to find something at Brentwood office that fits your commercial needs contact the real estate agent for more details.

445 South Figueroa Street LA Located in Union Bank Plaza Regus’s Downtown Los Angeles provides stunning commercial spaces and holistic business packages in the heart of the corporate precinct. These luxury executive suites are unique in being multi-level and providing a sweeping, unobstructed view of the devastating beauty of the Los Angeles landscape. Packages can vary is price so it is always best to talk to the agent and see what they can do for you!

10880 Wilshire Blvd LA – Oppenheimer Towers are not one of the most sought after Los Angeles corporate locations for no reason! The dazzling glass facade and stunningly unique fitting and entry points make this structure a pleasure to behold. Its luxurious executive suites continue this aura of success in the interior of this 24 story giant of a building. The real estate agent will be happy to provide package details and estimates upon request.

643 South Olive Street LA– This stunning penthouse office location is perfect for the creative business enterprise wanting to deviate slightly from the executive suite format without compromising the grandeur of a premium office location. This fully equipped penthouse suite is up for grabs for a little over $7,000 per calendar month and at just over 4,000 square feet this is an opportunity that will not last very long!

724 South Spring Street – This address is associated with edgy up to the minute innovation and is the perfect office space for new start-ups. Youth and Young Adult orientated business fields will find that the relaxed adaptive style will suit their commercial real estate needs. The rates and packages are offered on the sliding scale from just $92 per square foot to a whopping $15,000 per square foot. Catering for a wide range of budgets and corporate needs the South Spring Street spaces are the perfect place for a young business to grow.

1801 Century Park East – The iconic Century Park Plaza offers executive suites of just under 3,000 square feet. This is another prestigious commercial property that delivers price information for its 26 stories of office spaces upon request. With calming views of the Pacific Ocean and corporate packages that are sure to please this address in the hub of Century Park is the ideal business environment.

As you can see Los Angeles has a vast array of commercial rental opportunities available, and this list is just a sample of some of the corporate and business front options available on the rental market right now. You wont believe some of gorgeous views and breathtaking architecture until you see it first had.

Los Angeles California is one of the most desirable corporate locations in the United States and looks set to continue its reputation for luxury and innovation for many years to come!

Its a process played out every day in cities across the globe; finding the right location and space, negotiating the best deals and planning for the move. The process takes an agent with determination to get the job done and to do it well.

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